The purpose of this page is to provide parents with advice, news, important articles and some useful websites. 




If you would like to contact the Parents Council, please us the following email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Our school has welcomed tradtime™ to provide an Irish music programme in our classrooms. Click here for more information.


Here are two very useful documents on advice and services for parents. 

Lets talk about parenting.

Toys, technology and training Kildare initiative


 The RUCSAC approach.

In St.Josephs, we are adopting the RUCSAC approach to problem solving. Please click here to view the strategy. Should you have any further queries, please contact class teacher.


Cyber bullying booklet: A great booklet that deals with all bullying online, and helping to safe guard your son against cyber bullying.

 Here is a video on paired reading. Ms Fitzsimons here demonstrates how parents can paired read with pupils.

Some great info on paired reading:


Here's a good website to get your children working on the computer. It has 10 educational websites to try out.



This is the National Council of Curriculum and Assessment. It has useful links for parents and videos to demonstrate different practices.



Some parent information from an Irish website:




Paired Reading

What is Paired Reading:

Paired Reading is a technique that parents can use to help their own child
with reading practice. The method involves the parent who is a skilled
reader and the child who is learning, reading a book together.


Who is it for? 
Every child will benefit from using Paired Reading. It is not just for
children with learning difficulties.


What are the benefits? 
Parents who have undertaken Paired Reading report that not only does
the child’s reading improve but that child’s self-esteem has improved, and
generally the child is more co-operative at home also. This can be
attributed to the quality parent – child relationship that develops as they
spend more time together.




Scoilnet Website:

This website has great articles, and advice for parents regarding schooling, and the curriculum.




The Curriculum:

This link shows the National Curriculum that each teacher follows.