St Josephs School Garden!
 Look at all our hard work!
Summer In The Garden 
As you can see from the photos below, we have been very successful at 'growing our own' fruit and vegetables in the school courtyard garden this Summer. A mixture of sunshine and rain have helped the peas to grow and the potatoes stalks to sprout. The onions are doing well also and the heads of lettuce are green and healthy. We got a big surprise when we last inspected the courgettes! One of them had outgrown all the others and was giant sized!
The strawberries will need a few more weeks of sunshine in order to ripen red and juicy. It's a pity we won't be in school to eat them but the school caretaker, John Curley has promised that he will do his best to water all the containers and taste a few of the strawberries to check if they are as good as they look!
Ms. Fitzsimons boys in Second Class (see Photos) came out to check on all the vegetables that they had sown during April and May and they were surprised at how quickly the pea, lettuce and courgette seedlings had grown so big, so quickly. Ann Halligan (SNA) helped the boys to harvest some lettuce, onions and courgette which they washed, sliced and used to make delicious salad sandwiches. Yummy! 
Well done to all the boys in Second Class who helped out in the garden this year. Hopefully, when we return in September, the boys will be able to dig up the potatoes they planted as seed potatoes and cook them to eat in schoo. The eating apples should be red and ready to eat by autumn also.
Have a lovely Summer everyone and see you all in September!
After a very long and cold winter, Spring has finally arrived in the school garden. There has been a sudden burst of colour on show with a beautiful display of spring flowers such as daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, primroses, pansies and muscari all in bloom together.  The red tulip bulbs  that Ms. Killackey's Third Class planted in the raised beds with Ms. Travers last autumn are in full bloom at the moment and are a sight to behold! It really is worth the effort to plant bulbs in the autumn when we are rewarded with such a riot of spring colour upon which to feast our eyes. The 'green wave' can also been observed in our coronet apple tree which has come to life and is covered in buds. Check out the photos of the garden!
The boys from Ms. Fitzsimon's Second Class have begun to help get some spring vegetable planting
underway. They first prepared the vegetable beds by using trowels to add some fresh compost which was procured by our caretaker Mr. John Curley. The boys planted 'Kerrs Pinks' seed potatoes, so hopefully these potatoes will get off to a good start even though the weather people have been advising us that it will be a difficult year for growing spuds due to the low soil temperatures this Spring. We will keep an eye on their progress!
Next the boys planted some onions in drills  which they were careful to space apart and they finished up by planting some green pea seedlings against bamboo canes so as to provide some growing supports for the peas.  Now that May is only around the corner,  air and soil temperatures should begin to rise and we hope to get another group of second class boys plant out some lettuce, carrots and courgettes which have gemimated from seed but are still under cover on Mrs. Travers windowsill for a few more weeks until the risk of frost has passed.
Finally, if you are a fan of old fashioned sweet pea, then keep an eye on the garden as we hope to plant some old fashioned mixed variety up bamboo canes to add a splash of summer to the garden shortly.
If there are any green fingered parents out there who would like to get involved in the school garden, advise on any aspect of gardening or generally lend a hand to maintain and develop the school garden, Ms. Travers would love to hear from you!