School starts each day at 8.50am a.m. and students are expected to arrive punctually.  The school day ends at 2.30 p.m. for all classes except the Infants, who finish at 1.30 p.m. There are two breaks each day, 10 minutes around 10.50 and lunchtime is 30 minutes around 12.30.


Children who arrive early will be brought to the playground at 8.40am and supervised until 8.50a.m.when respective class teachers assume responsibility for their pupils. No responsibility will be accepted for pupils who arrive on the school grounds prior to 8.40am. Our ‘Duty of Care’ towards your child commences once the gate is opened by the supervising adult and the children are on school property. Up until that point the school bears no responsibility for the safety of your child.


We ask you not to leave your son or daughter in the rain in the mornings. We also ask that you to wait with them until the school opens when you can be assured that your child will be properly supervised. Children will be dismissed at the school gate by their class teacher at 2.30 (1.30 Infants) daily and no further responsibility lies with the school thereafter unless specific arrangements have been made between you and your child’s teacher.


Due to the traffic congestion at each end of the school day we urge parents/guardians to ensure that their children understand the Rules of the Road. Also, please do not allow your child to walk through the Car Park but encourage them to always use the footpaths. On icy mornings the Car Park may be closed to ensure the Health & Safety of your son or daughter.