Our School Subjects

Gaeilge,  English,  Maths,  History

Geography,  Science,  Social, personal and health education

Music,  Drama,  Visual Arts,  Religious education

Arts Education

Arts education enables our boys at St Josephs to express ideas, feelings and experiences in language, gesture and movement. Together with music and the visual arts, the use of drama in the classroom encourages the child to express ideas that are creative and explorative. The Arts Education curriculum explores pathways to learning that involve reflection, imagination and sensitivity. Learning through the arts facilitates the use of a range of intelligences.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts helps the pupils develop sensitivity to the visual and tactile world. As part of the curriculum, we cover all strands, including drawing, paint and colour, print, clay, construction and fabric and fibre.


As part of the curriculum, all classes cover the three strands of the curriculum, including composing, listening and responding and performing. All  pupils also experience the eight elements of music, which includes tempo, rhythm, pulse and pitch.



Language has a vital role to play in children’s development at St Josephs. Much learning takes place through the interaction of language and experience. Language helps the child to clarify and interpret experience, to acquire new concepts, and to add depth to concepts already grasped.

In St Josephs, the boys are taught through the medium of English. Gaeilge is also taught throughout all of our classes. It is a particular feature of Irish primary education that children, from the beginning of schooling, have an experience of language learning in two languages.

Social Environment and Scientific Education

SESE is presented to our boys under three headings geography, science and history.

SESE at St Josephs is concerned with the exploration, investigation and development  of an understanding of the natural, human, social and cultural dimensions of local and wider environments.

It provides opportunities to our boys to engage in active learning, to use a wide range of skills , and to acquire open, critical and responsible attitudes. Each SESE subject plays a distinctive role in fulfilling the aims and objectives of the curriculum area.

Please go to the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) Curriculum On Line website for more details on the Primary School Curriculum.