Mission Statement

St. Joseph’s NS is a happy, supportive, caring, well ordered, and effectively managed catholic school in a secure atmosphere in a continually changing environment. Our priorities are to promote lifelong learning, personally development and social interaction of all partners. We share a holistic approach to learning which encourages everyone to fulfil their own potential.

We work together to create a positive, inclusive and active learning environment. We are guided by purposeful leadership involved staff, students, parents and the local community as partners in the education of our pupils. We believe that our school is a place of encourage which enhances the self-esteem and confidence of all the education partners. Effective management combines with the belief in the value of team is fundamental to our shared vision.

We realise the mission in the following ways:


-We believe that good leadership and dedicated staff working together will lead to a safe, happy and supportive school

-High standards will be expected for all in every aspect of school life.

-The classroom learning will be activity based and child centred with due regard to the differing levels of ability

-Assemblies will be advocated to allow children demonstrate their talents and to create e a good spirit in the school

-The development of the confidence and the self-esteem of all is paramount

-A positive code of behaviour called “discipline for learning” will be used throughout the school. This code encourages positive behaviour and places children at the forefront in relation to decisions they make in relation to their behaviour.