School History

The history of the St. Joseph’s NS begins when the Christian Brothers in Kilcock in the 870’s when a school was built in School Street with stone left over from the construction of the local church tower.  This school was to be a Christian Brothers School and serve the educational needs of the local boys for one hundred years, by which time the many reasons for a new school building were only too obvious. In 1973, Bro. Farrell came to Kilcock and was expected by his superiors to build a new school with the permission of Fr. O’Meara P.P.  However at that time funds were not available and so the old school, now one hundred years old, was repaired by voluntary workers. 

However the boys of the parish needed a better building than the one in School Street.  No one knew this better than Fr. McWey who came to Kilcock in 1976.  After lengthy negotiations with the Department of Education and the Board of Works, permission for a new school building was granted. A four-acre site was purchased in Highfield by the Parish for £12,600.  Work began on the site in August 1978 and completed in the Spring of 1980 at a total cost of £237,000.

St. Joseph had been the patron saint of the old school and so March 19th 1980, the Feast of St. Joseph was chosen as the date for the opening of the new school.  A special Mass was celebrated in the new school hall, attended by the teachers, parents and pupils. 

Gone forever were the cold, smoke-filled, high ‘ceilinged’ and noisy classrooms.  In their place were warm, bright, well furnished, carpeted rooms.  Tables and chairs took the place of the old heavy desks.  Indoor toilets replaced the outdoor facilities.  The P.E. hall was an added bonus especially during wet and cold weather. 

Four teachers, Bro. Doherty, Mrs. Tuite, Mr. Brennan and Miss Finnerty along with 114 pupils moved in on that day.  That spacious yard and playing field will forever stand as a memorial to the far-sightedness of Fr. McWey.

September 1980 brought further changes.  Our Infant boys who had previously been schooled in St. Coca’s Convent School now came to St. Joseph’s CBS. Our first ever class of Junior Infants was enrolled in St. Joseph’s BNS in 1980. This required additional teachers with Sr. Philipa and Mrs. Tierney coming from the convent and Mr. Costello from Dublin. 

In 1986, as a result in the decline in the number of vocations in the Christian Brothers, a decision was made that they should leave Kilcock. This was the end of an era for everyone in Kilcock. The late Fr. McWey became the Chairperson of the B.O.M.  The school was now a Boys’ National School with its first lay Principal, Mrs. Kathy Tuite– a worthy successor to the Christian Brothers.  Mrs. Tuite served this school for a continuous period from 1972 to 2000. When she subsequently retired in 2000 Ms. Ann McQuillan became the new principal teacher.

Further changes came in 2015 when St. Joseph's changed from being a Boys' National School to a co-educational school with our first co-educational junior infant classrooms.  

As we continue on our journey in the new millennium, we look back with pride at the many achievements of our school. St. Joseph’s has provided the scope for children to develop their individual talents. Academically, St. Joseph’s, has given a good foundation to the many, many children who later went on to have great success in the sporting, professional and business worlds.  The entire community of St. Joseph’s NS hope that our present and future pupils will be just as happy and successful as their predecessors.  

School Day

School starts each day at 8.50am a.m. and students are expected to arrive punctually.  The school day ends at 2.30 p.m. for all classes except the Infants, who finish at 1.30 p.m. There are two breaks each day, 10 minutes around 10.50 and lunchtime is 30 minutes around 12.30.


Children who arrive early will be brought to the playground at 8.40am and supervised until 8.50a.m.when respective class teachers assume responsibility for their pupils. No responsibility will be accepted for pupils who arrive on the school grounds prior to 8.40am. Our ‘Duty of Care’ towards your child commences once the gate is opened by the supervising adult and the children are on school property. Up until that point the school bears no responsibility for the safety of your child.


We ask you not to leave your son or daughter in the rain in the mornings. We also ask that you to wait with them until the school opens when you can be assured that your child will be properly supervised. Children will be dismissed at the school gate by their class teacher at 2.30 (1.30 Infants) daily and no further responsibility lies with the school thereafter unless specific arrangements have been made between you and your child’s teacher.


Due to the traffic congestion at each end of the school day we urge parents/guardians to ensure that their children understand the Rules of the Road. Also, please do not allow your child to walk through the Car Park but encourage them to always use the footpaths. On icy mornings the Car Park may be closed to ensure the Health & Safety of your son or daughter.