October 2017


Junior Infants really enjoyed meeting, and playing with their new buddy from 6th class. Thanks to the amazing 6th class boys for showing us how to be a really kind friend!

September 2017


Friendship week in Junior infants.


Junior Infants really enjoyed meeting, and playing with their new buddy from 6th class. Thanks to the amazing 6th class boys for showing us how to be a really kind friend!





Friendship week in Senior infants.

The Senior Infants were paper chained together to different buddies so they got to get to know someone else. It was great fun.


June 2016



Junior Infant School Tour


On Friday 24th June both Junior Infant classes went on our school tour to Clonfert Pet Farm - we had an amazing day. You can see some pictures of our tour here Junior Infant School Tour 2016

Sports Day

Junior Infants really enjoyed Sports Day! We loved all the activities and in particular the ice-cream at the end!! Check out some photos Junior Infant Sports Day


May 2016


Aistear - The Creche

We really enjoyed having our own creche in class for Aistear


Creative Art during Aistear in Ms. Mc Nickle's Class



April 2016


The Little Red Hen in Ms. Butler's Class

 Senior Infants read the book "The Little Red Hen" and decided to bake some bread. Unlike the animals in the story, all of the boys were a wonderful help. It was actually teacher who did not do any of the work at all!!



World Book Week in Mr. McCormack's Class

Ms. Farrell's 3rd class were good enough to join Senior Infants in some shared reading for World Book Week. 



World Book Day in Ms. McNickle's Class

We really enjoyed World Book Day, we were lucky enough to have the boys in Mr. O'Boyle's class come down and read to us and we dressed up in great costumes. Some of us wore the same outfit - some of us even wore the same outfit as teaacher!




World Book Day in Ms. Campbell's Class

 Thank you so much to Ms Killackey's 2nd class for coming down to read with us last week. We really enjoyed sharing our books with all of you.



 We had a great time on Book Day dressing up as characters from some of our favourite books. We had show and tell and read some of our books together. We love reading!





Easter Egg Hunt in Ms. McNickle's Class

We really enjoyed our Easter Egg Hunt in the school garden.  We had to look everywhere to find our eggs - it was lots of fun!




The Defence Forces visit Junior Infants!

The two Junior Infant classes had a real treat when Alex's Dad Paul came in to visit us and tell us all about his work with the Defence Forces. He showed us his backpack that was so heavy and all the things he had to carry around. He even built a tent in our classroom that we all got to go into, thanks Paul for visiting us!!



Ms. McNickle's Class enjoying the playground




2016 Flag Raising Ceremony

1916 was on our minds today both in our Junior Assembly and in our Flag raising ceremony today where the traditional and our new Proclamation was read. In Junior and Senior Infants we enjoyed creating our 1916 themed art of a soldier made from fabric and fibre (Senior Infants) and painted Irish flags (Junior Infants). 



1916 Medals

We have all been learning about the 1916 rising lately. Christopher in Ms. Butler's class and his Mammy Christine brought in 1916 medals for us to look at. Thanks Christine!



Ms. Harlow's Class having fun in the playground!


Post Office Aistear in Ms. Butler's Class

We are really enjoying our "Post Office" aistear this month. We spend lots of time writing and posting letters. The post men then sort the letters and deliver them. It's great fun!



St. Patrick's Day Aistear in Ms. McNickle's Class

We have loved having our own parades in class - it's been great fun!  




Time in Ms. Butler's Class

We are learning how to read the time in senior infants. We made our own large clock on the floor. Some of the boys turned into the hands of the clock! Can you read the time below? 



Spring Snow!

 Click the link below to see the infant classes having lots of fun in the unexpected March snow!!

Spring Snow!


 February 2016


Playtime in Ms. Harlow's Class!



Aistear - The Bakery in Ms. McNickle's Class

We are really enjoying our Aistear Bakery theme. In our roleplay station we made a bakery, we really enjoyed making bread and gingerbread men with our own dough. In Messy Play we loved making yummy cupcakes, biscuits and buns and in block play we made the Blackforest bakery in Kilcock with a big queue outside it - you can see all of this in the pictures below!



Water fun in Ms. Butler's Class!

 Our latest Aistear theme has been "The Restaurant". The water table have been really busy scrubbing all of the dirty dishes from the kitchen!



 Aistear - The Pig in the Pond in Ms. McNickle's Class

We really enjoyed our Aistear Vet/"The Pig in the Pond" theme.  In the pictures below you can see us at our vet's surgery, we are also investigating what happens to water when something is put into it - just like when the pig jumped in the pond. We put stones in a measuring jug and managed to make the water climb to the top of the jug!  We also recreated "The pig in the pond" in our small world, we checked the book to see what animals we needed and had great fun splashing them into the "pond".





Pancakes for Pancake Tuesday in Ms. Harlow's Class




Ball Skills in Ms. Butler's Class

Senior Infants have been practicing their ball skills for the month of February. They have worked really hard on throwing, catching and passing. Look at all the fun they have been having.




Grandparents Day 5th February 2016

We really enjoyed Grandparent's Day in St. Joseph's you can click the link below to see some pictures from Ms. McNickle's class.

Grandparents Day 


The no. 8 in Ms. Butler's Class

Senior Infants have been learning all about the number 8. They used 8 blocks to create many different shapes/ pictures. They really loved it!



Ball Skills in Ms. McNickle's Class

We are really enjoying developing our ball skills in P.E. - we are working on throwing, catching, bouncing, dribbling, stopping the ball and kicking the ball.

The Arctic in Ms. Campbell's Class

We finished learning all about the Arctic last week. We loved learning facts about some of the animals that live there. One of our favourite things was our experiment to discover how the polar bear stays warm in the icy Arctic. 




Continuing on with the cold Arctic theme, Mr. McCormack's class did a science experiment to see if blubber really keeps animals warm in the cold Arctic. Using cotton wool as fur, and butter as blubber, they tested the cold water for themselves. Needless to say...... the hands that were protected with blubber were much warmer than those that were not.



 Cold times in Mr. McCormack's class

The boys in Senior Infants spent 2 weeks learning all about the Arctic. They made igloos from sugar cubes, went ice fishing to catch their dinner and traveled across the snow in in their sled pulled by huskies. They even managed to work together to create a wonderful large image of 'The Northern Lights'. 


St. Brigid's Day

Ms. Butler's class made colourful St. Brigid's crosses using lollipop sticks for St. Brigid's day



St. Brigid's Day crosses in Junior Infants




January 2016


Aistear - "The Doctor" in Ms. McNickle's Class

We are really enjoying our Aistear theme of the doctor. We have loved playing at being doctor's receptionists, patients, parents, doctors and nurses. We have learned about x-rays and made lovely x-rays of our hands using black paper, chalk and cotton buds. In our block area we made doctor's offices, hospitals, beds, x-ray machines and ambulances among other things. Ms. McNickle loved the marla model of Doctor Foster stuck in the puddle holding his bag on his way to Gloucester which you can see below. We are definitely not sick of the doctor's office in our class!!



Ms. Butler's Class go to the school library!

Senior Infants had their first trip to the school library last Thursday where they each got to pick a book to bring home with them for the week. They are already looking forward to next weeks visit.




A very long snake in Ms. Butler's class!

Some of the boys worked really hard to make this really long snake. We measured it and found that it was the same length as 3 boys!!


  The Bear Hunt Aistear in Ms. McNickle's Class

In Ms. McNickle's Junior Infant class we have really enjoyed the Bear Hunt book. For Aistear we made our own Bear Hunt in our small world, we had our "people" walk through grass, a river, mud, a forest, a snowstorm and a cave just like in the story. It was lots of fun, luckily the bear didn't catch anyone!!  In our block area we made different parts of the Bear Hunt from lego including a nice big cave for the bear with an umbrella outside and tables in his kitchen and sitting room on the inside!!



December 2015


Santa's Workshop in Ms. Butler's Class

Senior Infants have been working hard in our "Santa's workshop" to make all of the toys. They even managed to wrap some of them, and put gift tags on them. In our construction area, the boys built houses with chimneys so Santa could deliver all of the presents. 


Christmas Time in Mr. McCormack's Class
The boys in Mr. McCormack's class have been getting ready for Christmas. We have been writing Christmas cards, building snowmen and creating a small world of snow. We have also been busy little elves designing toys and wrapping presents in Santa's Workshop. Ho ho ho.....


Aerial Snowmen in Ms. McNickle's Class
We really enjoyed making our aerial snowmen. We painted a blue and white background, cut out three circles for the snowmen, used cardboard between them to make the snowmen stand out and we painted black hands for our snowmen.  We think they look really great!!

 Christmas Small World in Ms. Butler's Class
Senior Infants have been having lots of fun in our Christmas small world. They made an igloo for Santa, set up his reindeer for his trip and packed the presents onto his sleigh. There was also a snowstorm and the boys had to use a digger to rescue Santa!!
3D Shapes in Ms. Butler's Class
 3D shapes are everywhere and Senior Infants have been learning all about them. They sorted the shapes based on how many faces they had, and they even managed to make their own cubes using lollipop sticks and playdough.
Gymnastic Stations in Ms McNickle's Class
We enjoyed learning gymnastics in P.E. and practicing our jumps and balances in our small group stations.


3D Shapes in Mr. McCormacks class
We had great fun last week learning all about 3D shapes. We explored which shapes could roll, slide and stack and worked together to create wonderful castles using different types of 3D Shapes.


 Maths Stations in Ms. McNickle's Class

 Here the class are working hard in Maths stations, they are matching and counting on the ipads, guessing numbers by looking at a small part of the numerals and ordering numbers and objects. In the 30 minute timeslot the children spend 10 minutes at each of the three activities. 


Junk Art in Ms. Butler's Class

 Junk Art has been hugely popular with Senior Infants lately. They have been working hard, just like Santa's elves, to create different toys and Christmas items. 










 November 2015


Aistear Fire Station in Ms. Butler's Class

Our latest Aistear theme was the "Fire Station". Our roleplay area was very busy with lots of fires everyday. Luckily we knew how to deal with these kind of emergencys. We loved practicing how to carry the heavy hose and we even worked together to make sure we were able to carry it to the scene of the fire. We made our own fire engine and we even managed to save some lives! Have a look at some of our photos.





Aistear Post Office in Ms. McNickle's class

We really enjoyed our Post Office Aistear - you can see us making a sign for the post office, delivering letters around the school, our small world post office queue and us queuing to buy envelopes and stamps in the class post office.





Station Teaching in Ms. McNickle's Class 

We love station teaching in Ms. McNickle's class, this is when we get to do an activity with a teacher at a station, after a while we move to the next station with another teacher and finally we move to our last station. In the pictures below we were working on our letter formation using an iPad app with Ms. Mc Nickle,playing sight word games with Ms. Doherty and playing phonics games with Ms. Divilly.



Firemen Visit Senior Infants!

Senior Infants were very luck to have two firemen, Robbie and Turlough, come to visit them last week. They told them lots of things about the job, and the senior infants had lots of great questions for them. Robbie and Turlough let the boys try on their helmets, some of them even got a fireman's lift!! There are lots of future firemen in St. Joseph's now!




Movement breaks in Ms. McNickle's Class

We love getting out of our seats in Ms. McNickle's class - we really like "Just Dance" and "Go Noodle".  Here we are copying "Maximo" on Go Noodle doing the "Golden Horse" for our stretching exercises.





Friendship Week in Ms. Butler's Class

Last week was friendship week and Ms. Butler's senior infants showed what great friends they are. They created a book entitled "Senior Infant's guide to being a good friend", and it is hanging on our classroom door. Here are some pages in the book.




October 2015


Room on the Broom in Ms. McNickles Class

We loved reading the story "Room on the Broom" in class and we had lots of fun in Aistear with the story. We made witches' hats and brooms with sand and playdough, we made all the animals from the story out of lego, we reenacted most of the story in Small World turning barbie and Elsa dolls into witches and we loved recreating the story in our roleplay area!!



Halloween Aistear in Ms. Butler's Class 

Halloween has been our theme in aistear for the last two weeks. We made potions in a potion lab, created ghost trains in small world, made Halloween things from playdough, built haunted houses in our construction area and designed Halloween costumes using different fabrics and materials. 



Aistear in Mr.McCormacks Class

We have set up a science lab in our classroom over the last 2 weeks. The boys have had a great time being scientists and doing many different experiments - mixing colours in test tubes, using a telescope & microscope and finding out what happens to materials when we mix them in water.

Ms. Butler's spooky experiment! 

We completed a spooky science experiment this week, called Frankenstein's hand. We added baking powder into vinegar and watched how Frankenstein's hand grew and waved at us!! 


Maths Week in Mr. McCormack's Class

Maths week was a great success with our class exploring many different maths problems. We went on a Maths Trail around the school, played with Tangrams, learned all about 2D shapes and even had Mr. O' Boyles 6th class play board games with us that they had designed. 



Ms. McNickle's Class shopping in 6th Class!

Ms. McNickle's class were lucky enough to go to Mr. O'Boyle's 6th class as part of their Aistear work on the theme of shopping, where the 6th class boys had set up several shops for us in their classroom!  We had such fun buying things from the "big boys"!!


Maths Eyes in Ms. Butler's Class

 We had great fun using our Maths eyes during Maths week. During art, we made shape monsters, and we also went on a shape hunt outside. Mr. Coulston's sixth class boys also made maths board games and played them with us. 



Maths week in Ms. Kinsella's Class

In Ms. Kinsella's class some parents came into the class for Maths week and played maths games with the class - it was so much fun! Ms. Kinsella's class also went on a Maths trail around the school.


Maths week in Ms. McNickle's Class

 For Maths week in Ms. McNickle's class we were lucky to have some of our parents came into the class for Maths week to play maths games with the class - we really enjoyed it!! We also went on a Maths trail around the school.



 Mr. McCormack's germs!

Mr. McCormack's class did a science experiment using bread to show the importance of cleaning our hands with soap & water. We examined how easy germs can spread by passing slices of bread around the classroom,before and after washing our hands.




"Junk Art" in Ms. McNickle's Class

Ms. McNickle's class loved creating new things with recylable materials,they made houses, binoculars, spaceships and many other things!  



Presentation of School Flag

 Ms Butler's class were so happy to meet some members of the army last Wednesday when they came to present the Ireland flag to our school. It was a very exciting day. 


Magic Card Tricks in Ms. McNickle's


We were so lucky to get treated to some great card tricks by one of the 6th Class boys - we loved it!!




September 2015


Aistear - focus on homes in Ms. Butler's


  For Aistear this fortnight, Ms. Butler's class are learning all about houses and homes. We are playing in our home corner, building a house in the construction area, making a town in small world and constructing a house in our art area. We are now house experts!!




Floating and Sinking Experiment in Ms. McNickle's Class

Last week as part of Aistear we had a science play station where we did floating & sinking experiments. First we had to predict if a number of objects would sink or float and then we tested our predictions to see what actually happened. Finally we recorded our results in our scrapbooks.




Scrunched Paper Constructions in

Ms. McNickle's Class

We made scrunched paper constructions in Ms. McNickle's class, it was lots of fun. First we had to roll our paper into a ball and then we had to find what was hiding in the ball. We found lots of things including an ice-cream, a witch's hat, a helicopter and a cave which you can see in the pictures below!



Mr. McCormack's Junk Art 

 Junk-Art in Mr Cormack's class where the boys use their imaginations along with anything else they can find, to create wonderful art pieces.



  Ms. Butler's Class Walk

 Ms. Butler's senior infants went on a walk to look for some wonderful things that God has created. We spotted the trees, grass, animals, people, and lots more!




Aistear in Ms. McNickle's Class 

"Messy Play"

 We do Aistear every day in Ms. McNickle's class.  We have five play stations every week so that we get to play with each of them over the week.  One of our favourites is Messy Play - this is where we play with sand, water and marla.



Name Art in Mr. McCormack's





Maths in Ms. Mc Nickle’s Class


In Ms. Mc Nickle’s class we love Maths!!  We are learning about matching and sorting in class. We have had lots of fun playing card matching games and sorting our maths camels, cubes, teddies and letters in our sorting containers.





 Ms. Butler's class began aistear

this week

Our theme for the fortnight is "At the doctors". We have five different play areas, and we change areas everyday during playtime. We have a roleplay area where the boys play as doctors, nurses, receptionists and patients. In our construction area, we build hospitals and ambulances using different materials. At our writing table, we design and write "get well card" for the patients in our surgery. We also have a small world area, where there has been an accident on the road. Finally, we have a playdough area where we make various things for workers in our community. 



Ms. Butler's senior infants

painted self portraits

Make sure to check out our display and play a game of guess who!


Ms. Kinsella's New Infants

explore the school!

Have a look at our gallery to see some pictures.