What's   going   on   in   First ,  Second and Third   Class?


October 2017

Mr O Boyle's class on an Autumn iPad walk.



March 2017


First class visit St. Josephs hall.

The first class, as part of their investigation on our school long ago, went to visit St Josephs hall, where the boys used to go to school before our school.

Engineering Day in Ms. McNickle's Class

On Friday 10th March an engineer came into our class for Engineering Week to perform the building a bridge challenge. We learned all about engineering and worked in groups to build a bridge. You can see some photos Engineer's Day 2nd Class



January 2017


Ms Grogan's Class created all sorts of houses! Have a look:

Walkabout to investigate houses in the area.


Mr O' Boyle's boys went on a walk around Kilcock and used their iPads to identify different types of houses. We found bungalows, detached, semi detached, terraced houses and lots more!



October 2016


Happy Halloween from Mr O' Boyle Class!


Halloween in Ms. Mc Nickle's Class

We really enjoyed our Halloween Assembly where we said our poem "Witch goes shopping" for other classes in the school. 




Maths Week in Ms. Killackey's Class

We enjoyed Maths Week so much here in 2nd/3rd class! We did lots of Maths games, a Maths quiz, a Maths trail and daily puzzles. 6th class visited our room with Maths games they had made. We even used our Maths skills in PE!




Maths Week in 2nd Class

We had lots of fun during Maths week with Ms. McNickle and Ms. Fitzsimmons. On Monday we had a puzzle hunt. On Tuesday we worked in teams to use a "code breaker" to decode secret messages that brought us on a hunt around the classroom. We really enjoyed our Maths trail that brought us all around the school on Wednesday - we especially loved the questions about the teachers' cars! On Thursday and Friday we had fun playing cards, solving logic puzzles and playing computer style games on paper. You can see some pictures of the week here Maths Week 2016 2nd Class

Ms. McNickle was very impressed on Thursday morning when she met the class in the yard in the morning using their Maths eyes - they had noticed a greater than sign (>) in the sky, see below.




The Stone Age in Ms. Killackey's Class

 Here in 2nd/3rd class we have been learning all about the Stone Age in History. We decided to experience what it would have been like to do cave drawings by sticking our pages underneath our tables and using chalk pastels to draw. We got a great insight into life back then!


Autumn projects in Ms Grogan's Class.

The first class boys worked so hard on their Autumn projects. They spent time in school on the season of Autumn, and then worked together to create these projects. Well done boys!




September 2016


Designing and making instruments in Ms. McNickle's Class

We learned about different types of sound in class - low pitch and high pitch. In our copies we designed instruments using objects we had in the classroom. We had instruments like the chair string and the electro. Finally we got to build our instruments and play them along to "Count on Me". You can see some pictures of our work below!






Well done to all the 2nd Class Girls and Boys who made their first holy Communion!


Learning about birds in 2nd Class! [January 2016]


We have been learning all about birds here in 2nd class. We made clay birds, constructed birds from recyclable materials, made bird feeders, did mini projects on birds and went bird watching! We have really enjoyed learning all about birds!




Getting Active [October 2015]


We love being active here in second class. We have been using gonoodle.com daily in class and we find that after short periods of dancing, stretching or moving we can focus on our work much better!



Maths Week [October 2015]


We are enjoying Maths Week here in second class with daily brainteasers and lots of maths activities. We used our maths eyes to complete a maths trail around our school.






Irish Wildlife projects in 2nd Class (October 2015)

Here in second class, we have been learning all about Irish wildlife. We researched wild animals in groups and wrote reports. Look at the final result!




2nd Class Timelines (September 2015)

We discussed our personal timelines together and chose three important events in our lives. We then made our own individual timelines to show them! 

Look at the 2nd class Self Portraits: (September 2015)


Coach Eoghan putting our pupils through their paces! Have a look:




World book day in Ms Grogan's Class





St. Patricks Day 2015 in First Class!

Last year, when we were in senior infants, a very naughty leprechaun came to our classroom and made a big mess! This year we decided that we would catch him if he came again. We wrote instructions on how to catch a leprechaun and we were ready and waiting! However, the sneaky leprechaun came to our classroom while we were outside playing and made a mess again! There was green paper everywhere!! Luckily for us though, he left some clues which led us to a pot of gold!! Have a look at our pictures. 


Engineering week 2015 in Ms Butler's Class!

As part of engineering week, Ms. Butler's class practiced some structural engineering. We completed different lego challenges, and made various structures out of lego, cylinders and marshmallows and toothpicks. Some of us even managed to make them stand! Have a look at some of our pictures below. 



Ms Butler's Class helping the starving birds: February 2015.

First class went on a winter walk recently. We spotted some birds looking for food but there was not that much for them to find. We decided to make some bird feeders using ice-cream cones, peanut butter and bird seed. Have a look at them below!


Ms Butlers Class: January 2015

First class made pan pipes recently. We used straws and cut them into different lengths. We then noticed that when you blow into the different length straws, they make different sounds!


First Class Library Visit: September 2014

First class had their first trip to the school library on Thursday. It was very exciting and they loved being able to pick a book by themselves! Have a look at them reading their books when they got back to the classroom.



Look at our School Garden!!! 



 First Class are learning how to measure


We learned about using metres in our classroom.


We needed to use metres to follow Captain Blood's treasure map.


We followed the map to find the X . The X showed us where Captain Blood's  treasure was.



We shared the treasure when we got back to the classroom.


Seachtain na Gaeilge

Scríobh Rang a Cúig agus a Sé scéal dúinn.



Bhí trath na gceist ag Rang a hAon agus a Dó.


Bhí Céilí Mór sa chlós.


In Second Class we made pancakes for Pancake Tuesday. We are learning about healthy eating so we used healthy toppings. They were delicious!





World Book Day! 


We celebrated World Book Day today (6th March 2014). We dressed up as our favourite book characters. We brought in our favourite books and shared them with our friends. Ms. Murray cam to our classroom and read us a funny book about a shark.

We love books!!!



Check out the Gallery for more photos from Second Class.


5...4...3...2...1......BLAST OFF!!!!

It's 'Engineering Week' in St.Joseph's and the boys of Second Class had a visitor from Intel today to help them make rockets. The amazing thing is that they did it without using sticky-tape or glue! Have a look......




We made buns in Second Class!

Have a look:






First and Second Class celebrated 100 days in school today (11-2-2014). We've been waiting for this day for a long time.

In First Class we investigated the number 100. We played games with 100 and we made delicious cake. Yummy!










A wood-turner came to our school and showed us lots of things that are made of wood. We played with wooden toys that don't need batteries. He made us a key-ring, a spinning-top and a baseball bat. 




Maths Week

First Class have been busy celebrating Maths Week. We have been using our "maths eyes" to see maths all around us.

We have been looking very closely at shapes and have seen them everywhere!


A triangle has 3 sides. 

 A square has 4 equal sides.



A rectangle has 4 straight sides.


A circle has a curved side.



How many shapes can you see?





              We used shapes to create art.