Project work in Mr Coulston’s Class.


Sixth class started 2017 celebrating feasts and festivals all over the world. The pupils worked in pairs, and created magnificent projects. Here is a little look at some of them. 


Look at the winter art 5th class created!

Ms Harlow's class have very impressive art skills. They created a winter screen and were able to mirror it on the bottom of their sheets. They look great!

Mr O' Toole's Fourth class showing off their artistic skills!



Name Art in Mr Coulston's Class. September 2016



Junior Entrepreneur Project: Tayto Park day, May 2016.

The Junior Entrepreneur project, in conjunction with Irish dog food, treated the fifth and sixth pupils to a free day in Tayto Park. And what a day it was! The pupils could go on a any ride, and take part in any activity. Even some of the teachers couldn't resist going on the roller coaster. Have a look at our gallery for more pictures.


Engineering Week 2016

As part of Engineering week, The sixth class boys went to NUIM to participate in a electronic engineering lab. It was brilliant and the boys learned so much. They experimented with robotic cars, and how to program them, and completed an egg drop experiment. Have a look at some pictures. 


Spelling Bee 2016 (February)

Our annual spelling bee took place. It was an excellent competition. Well done to Jare in Mr O' Boyle Class.



FAI Soccer tournament (February 2016)

The sixth class went to Kilcullen to participate in the annual FAI Soccer tournament. It was a great day, and all the boys did so well. 




Dragons Den (Junior Entrepreneur Project)

The boys in fifth and sixth class took on the might of the Dragons in December 2015. They were divided into groups and each group presented a new business idea to 5 different dragons. They did so well! Have a look in our gallery for pictures. 

Entrepreneur Visit to Fifth and Sixth Class.

We were very lucky in Fifth and Sixth Class. We had a visit from Niall (Cian's Uncle) from McGargle's Beer. He gave a fantastic presentation on how he became an entrepreneur. He also gave the boys lots of tips on their Junior Entrepreneur project.


Sixth Class Created Game boards for Senior Infants.

Sixth class in Mr O' Boyle's and Mr Coulston's Class created Maths boards games for the senior infants and played them with Ms Butler's and Mr McCormack's Class. It was a great experience and the boys loved it.


Sixth class pupils promoting Aistear for Junior Infants (October 2015) 

The sixth class pupils were delighted to see Ms McNickles Junior Infants in the classroom. They set up a shop, and took on the role of shopkeepers. It was a great drama experience.


Maths week 2015 in Sixth class. 

We were so happy to welcome Ciaran, a lecturer from Maynooth college to teach the boys a few Maths tricks. He talked to them about the golden ratio, and multiplication tricks.

Rugby World Cup Fever in Sixth Class!

Rugby world cup has taken over the country, and St. Josephs is no different. The pupils were given a country participating in the rugby world cup, and completed a project on it. 


FAI Soccer 2015

The Sixth Class had a great day in Kilcullen at the FAI Soccer tournament. All sixth class took part.


Our Spelling Bee Champ!

Bryan in Mr O' Boyles class won the school spelling bee. He then went on to the Kildare championship, where he came fifth! Well done Bryan! 



Our Confirmation boys 2015!

Books creations from Ms Farrell's class!


The fifth class boys got very creative with the novel “Holes”. They created a copy book of activities, complete with word searches, questions, written work and activities! Fantastic boys!


Parachutes in fifth and sixth class.

The boys experienced with parachutes. They planned, constructed and evaluated their parachutes. Its great to see all the budding engineers in the classroom.


Budding Artists in Sixth Class!

Well done to Michael, Killian and Shane on their fantastic arkwork, and winning the Moyglare stud competition. They painted some fantastic equestrian pictures.


Starting of the year with fantastic Art in Mr O' Boyle's Class

The boys learned of stories from Mr O' Boyle's travels, and completed some work on Africa. The boys then created an African Sunset. Have a look: 


Winning times in Mr O' Boyle's Class

 Bryan and Daniel won gold metals for Tae-Kwon-do. They won medals for sparring and patterns. Well done lads!

Brazil projects:

We have been learning all about Brazil in 5th class. With the World Cup in full swing, it's the perfect time to learn about this interesting and vibrant country. We all researched and presented projects where we found out about the culture, music, sport, cuisine, education and geography of Brazil. We celebrated our hard work with a Brazilian themed party where we tasted Brazilian food and drink!


 Leon completes a brilliant 5k in 21.58! Well Done!


Fifth and Sixth Class created Games Boards.


The Fifth and Sixth class have created game boards for Senior infants. They used the themes of Gaeilge, shape and numbers to create these. Once a senior infant matched up two correct items, the bulb would light up. Anything else, and the bulb wouldn’t work. The pupils had to learn a lot about circuits to be able to construct these boards.


Mr O Boyle's Class on Twitter.

Mr O Boyle's class have a twitter account. We tweet everyday events, art work and lots more. Have a look!


FAI Soccer  27/03/14

The Sixth class pupils traveled to Kilcullen to participate int he FAI soccer tournament. We entered five teams. The boys had a great day. Have a look at more pictures in the gallery. 



Seachtain Na Gaeilge Story telling!

Seachtain na Gaeilge was very memorable for fifth and sixth class. Mr O' Boyle's class became storytellers, and translated some famous fairytales into Gaeilge. The pupils worked very hard on them, and went into the first and second classes to tell the stories.



Confirmation 2014.

Our Confirmation boys are preparing for the sacrament of confirmation on the 8th of March! Good luck boys!

Credit Union Quiz!


Well done to all the boys that participated in the Credit Union quiz. There was a quiz in the school, and two teams were formed. These two teams competed for the school. for Here is a picture of some of our runner ups! Well done Stephen, Shane, Cian and Josh.




Engineer Week 2014 in fifth and Sixth!

5th class had the pleasure of meeting Daniel, an engineer from Germany who works with Intel. Daniel did a wonderful presentation explaining what engineers do, his particular line of work and how we can see engineering in our everyday lives. All of the boys were extremely interested in the presentation. Daniel then carried out an experiment to show water filtering in action which is an aspect of his work. Daniel then divided the boys into groups and gave them the challenge of building a bridge with just books and paper. The boys came up with lots of different ways to make their bridges sturdy. Daniel tested the stability of the bridges and was very impressed with the boys' ideas. He predicted some future engineers coming out of 5th class! Have a look in the gallery for some photos!